Monthly Archives: January 2020

Negative interest on loans – now even borrow money

You know zero percent interest on a loan. But pay back less money than you borrow from the bank? Sounds incredible – but it is possible.A bitter interest rate war has raged on the German credit market for years. Installment loans are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and direct banks in particular are literally undercutting their

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Loan without co-applicant for the unemployed.

It is not possible to obtain a loan for unemployed people without a co-applicant from either a German or a foreign bank. Although unemployment benefit is paid on a regular basis, it can under no circumstances serve as security for an installment, consumer or overdraft facility. The same applies to a car or real estate

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Deduct Loans From Tax

Claim credits for tax purposes More and more private individuals need loans to fill a hole in the household budget. The reasons range from an additional payment to the financing of a car or home. However, there are financial burdens associated with a loan. The agreed installment payments are debited monthly. This creates limited financial

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