Cofidis has numerous loan solutions adapted to different moments in the life of consumers.

What are personal credit terms?

What are Cofidis

As far as personal credit is concerned, Cofidis guarantees a considerable list of advantages. First, the maximum value is 50 thousand euros. The deadlines are fixed (from 24 to 96 months) and the same can be said of fees and monthly fees. With this modality, the client has no unexpected charges, always knowing exactly how much will pay per month. By using this credit, you can choose to simultaneously adhere to the full protection insurance that Cofidis offers.

Credit Protection Insurance

Credit Protection Insurance

In order for your customers to enjoy the period when they are still repaying their loan smoothly and quietly, Cofidis has created a credit protection insurance. The unforeseen happen. You never know when you can become involuntarily unemployed or become a permanent temporary disability or absolute and definitive disability – these are precisely the coverage of this insurance, in addition to death. This protection is optional (that is, it only adheres to whomever wishes) and it does not make the monthly payment higher, but it causes the repayment period to increase.


Car Buying with the  Product Personal Loan

Car Buying with the Cofidis Product Personal Loan


With the Cofidis car loan solution, it is possible to invest in a new vehicle, which can get up to 100% of the price of the car that can be in the name of the holder of the loan (ie, a credit without reservation of ownership). Choose the car (make, model, number of doors, engine capacity, fuel type, etc.) you want and this financial institution will treat you with financing. The repayment terms are between 24 and 96 months.


Renovate the house with affordable APR

Renovate the house with affordable APR

If you want to remodel your home, you can opt for a home and fill credit and finance this project at 100%. Cofidis Personal Credit does not require the presentation of the budget of the works, with deadlines, fees and monthly payments being fixed. In turn, the repayment period can range from 24 to 120 months.


Study with the help of Cofidis


Already the personal credit training aims to finance the studies, whether for Master’s, MBA, PhD, Post-Graduation or a Technological Certification Course. This type of credit can also be used for other higher education courses. For the Cofidis training credit, no guarantors are required as collateral and can benefit from full (100%) funding of the studies. It should be noted that this loan provides a fixed repayment term of up to 96 months, with a credit limit of 20 thousand euros. Also fees and tuition are fixed.

Consolidated credit with the alternative Personal Loan

Study with the help of Cofidis



Cofidis also offers the option of consolidating loans for those who wish to join all their credits into one. From the moment you join this solution, the client no longer needs to worry about reimbursing his other credits, because Cofidis ensures that all debts are settled with the creditor entities.

Interest rates are more attractive than normal and may also extend the repayment term. The minimum amount of credit available in Cofidis Personal Credit is 5 thousand euros, while the maximum amount is 50 thousand euros, and the repayment term can reach 120 months.

The use of Cofidis’ consolidated credit also allows for additional financing for any other project that the holder has in mind. In the background, this is a type of loan that allows you to streamline and facilitate the management of finances, since you are left with only one credit institution, a single credit with a fee and a payment term.

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