Funding Square Bank is a credit company that can rely on more than twenty-five years in the world of consumer credit. With a range of no less than seven products, Funding Square Bank offers all common solutions in the field of loans. In addition to the classic all-purpose loan, car loan and renovation loan , you can also go to Funding Square Bank for credit cards , a cash reserve or a regrouping of your existing loans. Any type of loan can be calculated online using a clear and easy simulation tool that provides an overview of the costs and monthly payments associated with a certain amount and a certain term. But also those who want tailor-made advice can contact the credit company. An appointment with an advisor is made in an instant and provides the opportunity to obtain tailor-made information.

Clear information

On the website of Funding Square Bank you will find a detailed description of each product that is offered. A minimum and maximum amount that can be borrowed within a certain solution is always stated, as well as the possible terms. In addition, a simulation tool is always provided that applies the correct interest rate. A simple scroll bar allows you to play with the tool until you find the loan that matches your income and your wishes. The benefits of the product are also clearly listed. With a cash reserve, for example, the money can be available within a period of 48 hours. No questions are asked regarding how the sum is spent and everything can be arranged online. In addition, the repayments are flexible and any amount that is repaid can be withdrawn later as it replenishes the reserve.

Funding Square Bank's credit guide

Another neat thing that resides on Funding Square Bank's website is the credit guide. This informative guide discusses the different types of credit offered by the company, as well as the conditions, benefits and possible risks. The intention is to make people aware before they take out a loan. In this way, the company assures its customers that they are well informed before they just go into business with the lender. If you would like to know whether there is a product at this credit company that meets your wishes, you can request and compare a few quotations here.