The Belgian broker Krediet Assistance has included three products in its portfolio under the denominators Loan & live, loan & live and loan & drive. As the names already indicate, it is an all purpose loan, a mortgage loan and a car loan . In addition, it is also possible to bundle existing credits within one of the aforementioned products to reduce your monthly costs. Credit Assistance has been active on the Belgian market for many years and therefore assures its customers of extensive expertise and advice in the search for the right solution. Online you will find everything you need in the field of information, simulations and options for submitting an application. Those who prefer to work personally when taking out a loan can make an appointment with one of the employees of the credit broker.

The different types of car loan

When it comes to car loans, Credit Assistance works with three different formulas. The first formula concerns the loan for a new car. A simulation can be made on the website where you first indicate that you want to buy a new car and then receive a calculation in which you can adjust the annual percentage rate. A second formula concerns the second-hand car that is older than two years, but younger than three years. These types of young second-hand cars are awarded a separate rate at Credit Assistance, which means that you can borrow at an advantageous price. The third formula concerns a loan for second-hand cars older than three years. The costs here are somewhat higher than with the first two formulas. If you have any doubts between a new or second-hand car, it pays to run a simulation first. The difference in annual cost percentage could well make the new car a better purchase.

Start your credit application

If you know which loan you wish to take out, you can easily apply for it at Credit Assistance by following a few steps on the website. To do this, you must have information available about your identity, your financial situation and your professional situation. When you have entered all the requested information, you can send the application online. Credit Assistance strives to process every request as quickly as possible. Start asking for some loan quotes today and make your dreams come true.