From a personal loan to a home loan or a regrouping of your loans, Credit Partner has everything in house to realize your projects financially. With no fewer than 10 different products, you know with certainty that you will always receive a solution that is tailored to your expectations and wishes. The rates are always determined according to the type of loan so that they are competitive and attractive. Credit Partner strives to assist, inform and guide its customers throughout the entire loan application process. This way you end up with the right product and the lender is assured of a smooth repayment. This can be done online, by telephone or via a personal appointment.

Grant a loan quickly and correctly

Many people only start looking for a loan when the need is greatest. This may be when unexpected bills have been received, but just as well when they have found the trip or car of their dreams. In any case, it is of an urgent nature, because a car that is not bought quickly may be sold to someone else tomorrow and bills that remain are generating costs. A quick decision from Credit Partner is an absolute necessity for these customers. Credit partner is well aware of this and tries to handle all files as quickly as possible. If both the request and the forwarding of the information go smoothly, the requested amount can be available after one day.

Accessible and informative website

Online Credit Partner provides the necessary information about the mission and vision of the company, borrowing in general, its own products and the procedure that must be followed to apply for a loan. In addition, tools are provided with which a simulation can be made and an application can be forwarded if desired. The site is extremely transparent and helps you as a customer to find the right product and map out your options. The simulation tool can be used intuitively and adjusted until you have a loan that completely matches your wishes and budget. Request quotes now and discover what Kredietpartner can do for you.