Leemans credits is an independent credit broker that has been active on the Belgian market since 1985. In addition to nine different types of loans, the broker also offers insurance and credit cards . An application can be made online, by telephone, fax, post or at the office. Leemans credit offers all the classic formulas such as a car loan , mortgage or personal loan , but also has other products such as a wedding loan, a holiday loan, a party loan or a light loan. This extensive range of options ensures that you will always find a solution that perfectly meets your wishes and expectations. For each plan, an adjusted interest rate is provided that varies depending on the amount of the loan and the term in which you wish to repay. In addition, a minimum and maximum amount has been set for each type of loan.

A website full of information

Online you will find a lot of information about the different loans or plans that Leemans offers. For each of the nine plans, it is described in detail what the purpose of the loan is, what the conditions are for eligibility, what the minimum and maximum amounts are and what annual percentage rate you should count on. It is also possible to perform a simulation thanks to a simple tool. This gives you an idea of ​​the amount that you can borrow, the monthly payments, the total amount that must be repaid and the costs that will be charged for this. Adjustments can be made quickly if, for example, you want to adjust the term or the total amount. Once you have found a tailor-made solution at Leemans credits, you can complete the application online.

Use the loan guide from Leemans credit

Sometimes you know that you need a loan, but it is not entirely clear to you which type of loan is best to choose, how to proceed or what is involved. The loan guide from Leemans credit provides an answer to all questions you may have about loans. Your rights and obligations are discussed, as well as the most frequently asked questions. If you are full of plans for which you want to apply for a loan, do not hesitate and request a few loan quotes here to map out your options.