Loan is an independent player in the financial market that allows you to compare various credit companies and insurance policies before taking out a loan or insurance. Although the name may suggest otherwise, Loan has several offices in Belgium where you can go for a personal appointment. But a comparison is of course also perfectly possible online. First and foremost, your wishes are mapped out. How much do you want to borrow, for what purpose, how much can you repay at most per month, which service do you want? Based on all these questions, you can then make an online simulation of the loan that best suits your situation. Because Loan works with multiple partners, you do not have to surf dozens of sites yourself. With an application you will see several quotations and can immediately start comparing.

Guarantee on the cheapest loan

Perhaps the biggest advantage of this independent company is that you can be sure of a cheap loan with little effort. Loan gives you an overview of all formulas that its partners offer in the context of your question. You can see in a handy overview which terms are all possible at the various financial institutions and which costs they map out for this. Finding the cheapest is done quickly that way. The interest rates applied in the simulation tool are always the most recent so that you are assured of a correct representation of the facts. And when you find a loan that suits you, the application procedure can also be started online.

Information at Loan

Finally, you can also contact Loan for general information about loans or lenders . A lot is available online, but for specific questions it is best to contact us by telephone or make an appointment. The employees of this company will then try to assist you with tailor-made advice. Since the company does not provide loans itself, you can be sure that you will receive neutral, correct and impartial advice so that you can make informed decisions. To know what this player can do for you, request a few loan quotes from various lenders here .