The Vlaams Krediethuis is a lender with a wide range of possible loans depending on their purpose. With no fewer than 13 different products, there is a good chance that you will find a solution at the Vlaams Krediethuis that perfectly meets your needs. The conditions are the same as for other financial institutions, but those who are listed with the national bank can also apply for a loan from this lender. However, there are some clear rules that you must comply with here. For example, you must have your own home, have gained insight into your financial situation and be able to demonstrate an improvement in it. In addition, there is the option to bundle loans so that the monthly costs become lighter. Ideal when you have accumulated a few credits due to circumstances and you can no longer see the forest for the trees.

Search information online

If you are interested in one of the products of the Vlaams Krediethuis, you can find some information online. In addition to a description of the products and the conditions, you will also be given the opportunity to submit an effective application and the contact details of the employees. They can be reached by phone if you have questions or are looking for a tailor-made solution. The rates applied by the Vlaams Krediethuis are fairly low so that you are assured of an advantageous loan. Since they depend on the product you choose, the term you want to pay and the total amount you want to borrow, you need to make a calculation with all the relevant data to know how much the loan you choose will cost.

A tailor-made solution at the Flemish credit house

As a credit intermediary, the Vlaams Krediethuis guarantees customization. This means that each loan application looks at the applicant and his financial situation, as well as the purpose of the loan. We try to always offer a solution that is cheap and meets the expectations of the applicant. With this, the Vlaams Krediethuis ensures that you are not only offered the most optimal credit, but that you are also able to make your payments smoothly. To get an idea of ​​the products and services of this credit intermediary, you can request a quote here.