Have you found the car of your dreams or are you ready for a new car, then car financing can give you a helping hand. This type of loan was created for the purpose of purchasing a new or second-hand car. To be eligible, you must meet a number of conditions. For example, the car you wish to buy may not be too old, you must have a fixed income and you must be able to present proof of your purchase.

How do you proceed to apply for car financing?

As is the case with other loans, you also need to map your fixed income and costs before applying for car financing. Where possible, you should support this information with official documents such as payslips or rental agreements. The amount that you can ultimately borrow will depend on the amount you have left over each month after deducting your fixed costs. In addition, you also need an order form or quotation for the car you wish to purchase. For a new car, you can request this document from the garage where you will be making the purchase. For a second-hand car, you should contact the seller. If the car is older than a certain number of years, car financing is not an option and you must apply for a personal loan . The biggest drawback to this is the higher APR. Also find out in which term you wish to repay the borrowed amount. This will give you a clear picture of the costs involved.

What are the benefits of car financing?

The biggest advantage of a car financing over a personal loan is the lower APR. Because there is a collateral, namely the car, with car financing, the interest is lower. Please take this into account when determining a budget. Perhaps that new car is an option after all if you can set the repayment period high enough. In addition, it is always good to compare different lenders . The price of the car loan differs from bank to bank. Request a few loan quotes now to arrive at the best solution for your new car.