If you want to renovate your home by carrying out energy-saving works, you can apply for a green loan . The green loan can be used, among other things, for the purchase of solar panels or insulation by means of new windows and doors. Via coregroupinstall.com you can easily request an overview of the options by means of the green loan simulation.

Green loan

You can apply for a green loan if you want to renovate your home and thus finance your green project go to Green Day. Examples of these green projects are replacing old heating boilers, installing double glazing or insulating the roof or walls. You can apply for a green loan for an amount between 2,000 and 50,000 US dollars. The term for this loan usually starts with a minimum term of 6 months. In most cases, the maximum is 120 months. This way you can pay for your ecological investment and thus please not only yourself, but also nature.

Lower annual cost percentage

The annual cost percentage (APR) is in most cases lower with a green loan than with a renovation loan, for example. If you want to make an ecological investment, it is better to turn to the green loan, but this loan is subject to the condition that it concerns an energy-saving renovation. This does not apply to a renovation loan. In addition, a green loan is also encouraged by the government, which sometimes gives you the chance to receive extra benefits.

The simulation

In the simulation of your green loan, a distinction is first made between private and professional use of the credit. In addition, it is asked whether it concerns a renovation or a purchase of a house or land. In addition, you are asked about the amount to be financed and the term you had in mind to pay off the loan. All this information is used to give you a clear overview of the possibilities that your personal situation offers you. On the basis of your entered data, you will see an amount of the monthly charges that you incur. This concerns a fixed amount of annual expense percentage that you pay during the term. You must repay the debt in proportional monthly installments. However, it is recommended that you contact the financial institution to tailor the green loan. This way you will not be faced with any surprises afterwards.