Anyone who is going to buy or build a house will usually take out a loan for this. This loan is called a mortgage and differs from other loans in several ways. For example, a mortgage loan will often have a lower interest rate than most other types of credit, the conditions are often less strict given that there is a house in front of it and it is almost always combined with insurance that must protect you or your next of kin in the event of loss of income or death. .

Variable or fixed interest rate

When you take out a mortgage, you will be given the choice between different types of interest rates according to the costs they entail. There are variable interest rates that are often very low, but can be periodically revised and fixed interest rates that are slightly higher, but provide certainty. With the variable interest rate, you may be lucky enough to pay very little fees on your mortgage when the interest rate remains low or even falls further. However, your costs may also increase and your loan will therefore become more expensive. A fixed interest rate always remains the same and is slightly higher, but you know at the beginning of the loan how much you will eventually pay and you will not be faced with surprises.

Conditions for the mortgage

The main condition for the mortgage loan is the presence of real estate. So you can only take out a mortgage if you can provide proof that you are purchasing real estate. Often it concerns a private house, apartment or other building. Because what you purchase serves as collateral for the loan, many lenders can also take out a mortgage if you have a mention of the national bank, popularly known as the black list.

The outstanding balance insurance

A final notable point that comes into play with a mortgage loan is the debt balance insurance. This insurance applies if you have difficulty paying the loan or if you die. The latter is especially important when the loan is taken out with two people, which is often the case. Thanks to the debt balance insurance, the partner who remains then does not end up in financial difficulties. You can map out the options with the loan quotes that you can request here.