Before you can buy a house, you first want to know how much you can borrow and the maximum mortgage you can get. Most mortgage lenders nowadays have simple calculation tools on their website where you can calculate your maximum mortgage yourself. You can calculate your mortgage in various ways. At you will get a clear overview.

Calculate yourself

Most mortgage lenders give you the choice to calculate your mortgage based on income or based on your monthly payments. There are also online calculation tools where you can easily calculate how to transfer your mortgage.

Calculate mortgage based on income

When calculating based on your income, you often get the choice to calculate your maximum mortgage including the corresponding monthly payments. You can also calculate the mortgage on the basis of the purchase price of the new house. In addition, you choose a mortgage type and a fixed-rate period, which affects your monthly payments. Various variables may be requested during the calculation. For example, you will be asked about your own income, but also the income of your partner and whether this should be included in the calculation. You can also indicate whether and how much of your own money you are investing and whether you have equity from a previous house. Finally, many calculation tools ask whether you or your partner have to pay partner alimony and whether you have any other loans. All this input matters on your maximum mortgage.

Calculate a mortgage on the basis of fixed monthly costs

If you have an amount in mind in advance as the maximum monthly costs, you can also choose to base the mortgage on this. For example, if you currently have a rental property with a corresponding monthly rental amount. If you want to equate the monthly costs of the mortgage with your current rental costs, you can base your calculation on the basis of this data. In addition, you state the tax bracket in which you fall with your income. Based on this, a gross and net monthly payment is given and the amount for the maximum mortgage.

Just an indication

The calculations that are made with these calculation tools are always quite general and do not take your specific situation or wishes into account. The calculation would become too complex for that. However, it is a useful indication to check for yourself how high your maximum mortgage can be and how much your monthly burden would be. It is recommended that you always make an appointment and make a personal calculation together with a specialist.