Before you can apply for a credit, you often want to look up information yourself. This is made easier for you by the websites of the various financial institutions. However, you can also use a credit simulator, so you have all the information you need in one handy overview. To make a simulation of your credit, you can enter your details at

Different types of credit

There are different types of credit that can be applied for, for example a mortgage credit, a micro credit or a revolving credit. Each of these forms has its own rules, rights and obligations. You can quickly lose track of all these different provisions. In addition, all these different credits also have a different purpose. By means of a credit simulator you can see which credit you can request for which purpose.

What does a credit simulator do

A credit simulator is a handy calculator that makes it easy to see a complete overview of your options. By bundling all the provisions of the credits, this calculator knows exactly what type of credit you are looking for based on the data you have entered. In addition, it also shows how much credit you can request and what the monthly charges are.

What information does the credit simulator require?

In order for the credit simulator to do its job properly, it is first of all important that you enter your net monthly income. In addition, you can choose whether or not to include your partner's income, if this is relevant. Another question the simulator will ask you is whether you enjoy any other forms of income. In most cases you can also indicate how much you still want to save per month. Just like the amount of the fixed costs that you currently already have. Other details that you can enter in the simulator are whether you or your partner are obliged to pay maintenance and whether you have any payments in progress. The simulator also asks whether there are rent or mortgage payments that will not disappear.

After the credit simulator

If you have entered all these previous data, the credit simulator can do its job. All these data together give a certain picture of your situation. As a result of the credit simulator, you will gain insight into how much credit you can apply for and how high the monthly interest and repayment charges are for you. You can always choose to make an appointment with a specialist on the basis of this information. During these conversations, your personal situation is examined even more deeply in order to provide you with good advice.