If you are looking for a suitable mortgage lender for your home loan, you can often make a simulation of the maximum mortgage in advance via the website. In most cases, you then make a simulation based on your own income, possibly supplemented with the income of your partner. However, you can also make a simulation based on the amount of the monthly costs. You can also opt for this at coregroupinstall.com during the simulation of your maximum mortgage . This is a useful addition to any previous simulation you may have made.

Determine the amount of your monthly costs

Most people have to take out a mortgage when buying a home. There are many different forms of home loans and it depends entirely on your personal situation how high the maximum mortgage you can take out is. To get a first impression of your situation and your options, you can make a simulation of your maximum mortgage. In most cases, this is based on the income, in combination with whether you are investing your own money or whether you have other loans. However, you can also choose to simulate your maximum mortgage on the basis of monthly payments to be paid.

Why simulate monthly charges

If you now have a rental home, you pay rent for it every month. If your situation is fully based on this amount, you can also choose to take out your mortgage based on the amount of this amount. This way you know exactly where you stand and you do not have to drastically adjust your lifestyle. This also applies if you already have a mortgage now, but you want to move and do not want to end up with much higher monthly payments. By simulating your monthly payments, you know exactly how high your maximum mortgage can be. You also know whether your current lifestyle suits the wishes you have at that time. This way you can adjust your expectations upwards or downwards in advance.

In person

Obviously, taking out a mortgage is very personal. It is therefore advisable to go to a specialist on the basis of the simulation. Your personal situation is then discussed in more detail so that the maximum mortgage is fully adapted to your situation. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises afterwards and you know exactly what to expect from your mortgage lender.