A car loan simulation gives you a correct picture of the budget that you can spend on a new or second-hand car, the costs associated with a loan and the monthly amounts associated with a certain loan period. Online you can find various tools that make a car loan simulation possible. When offered by a bank or financial institution, they are usually linked to a second tool that allows you to request a quote with a further click. The disadvantage of these tools is that you cannot use them to compare different loans. If you opt for a neutral car loan simulation tool , that option often exists, but you must first find out which interest rate is used by the different lenders .

The difference between new and used cars

You can always look for a car loan for new cars. Depending on your income and fixed costs, you can quickly find out how expensive the new car can be via the car loan simulation. With used cars, however, everything is determined by the age of the car. Since each lender can determine its own rules here, the information must be found for each provider. There are often two types of car loans. One for new cars and one for second-hand cars up to a certain age. Cars that are even older come under the personal loans that have a higher interest rate. When in doubt between two cars, it pays to run a car loan simulation for both. Due to the difference in interest, the originally more expensive car may eventually turn out to be cheaper.

Online car loan simulation for purchase

It goes without saying that you do not buy a car without having tested and seen it first. There are therefore many garages that offer a loan themselves. When you as a customer are already on site and you really like the car, you are inclined to accept this. However, these are not always the most interesting or cheap loans. Doing a car loan simulation in advance and inform yourself prevents you from incurring unnecessary costs due to an expensive loan. Have the results of your simulations with you when you go to the garage. You can then quickly check whether the offer that the garage makes to you is in your favor or not. Start requesting loan quotes today as the first step to a brand new car.