The home loan or mortgage loan is the loan that you take out for the purchase of real estate. By this we mean houses, apartments and other construction projects. Because a home loan always comes with collateral in the form of a building, the costs are lower than with a personal loan or a car loan . It is therefore important to clearly indicate in the simulation of the home loan that it concerns a loan for the purchase of a property. In the other case, the interest applied will be unrealistically high and the simulation of the home loan will be incorrect. In addition, the type of interest rate also influences the costs. There is a choice between a variable or fixed interest rate, whereby the variable interest rate is often lower initially, but also entails more risk.

Home loan and installments

A term of twenty years is usually opted for in the simulation of a home loan, but this can be increased to thirty years if all conditions become Demorei. The age of the buyer in particular plays an important role in determining the term. The older you are as a buyer, the shorter the period within which you have to repay the loan. When you buy together with a partner, you should take this into account when determining the maximum monthly sum that can be spent on a home. In the simulation of the home loan, the total amount that can be borrowed will of course be higher when two incomes can be counted on.

How do you proceed with a simulation home loan?

Before you simulate a home loan, it is useful to take a look at the real estate market. This will give you an idea of ​​the possibilities and the amount that suits the house of your dreams. It goes without saying that you can also first make a simulation of the home loan to get an idea of ​​your budget. This way of working prevents you from dreaming away at a house that subsequently turns out to be unaffordable. Ideally, you make different simulations with variations in the type of interest rate, terms and lenders . Here you can already obtain loan quotes that give you an idea of ​​your options in the field of home loans.