The personal loan is a loan for which you are not obliged to state the purpose or use of the borrowed money. The advantage of this type of loan is the freedom you get in spending the money. The disadvantage, however, is the often higher cost associated with it. A personal loan is recommended when you need the money to pay unexpected costs or to make purchases that don't fit into another category.

When do you choose a personal loan?

It can always happen that you unexpectedly end up with bills that you cannot pay in one go. This often causes problems, as the costs can be high in the event of payment arrears. A loan can offer a solution here. First and foremost, it is important to look for a good loan in good time. When you have to act quickly, there is little time to compare and there is a risk that you will not choose the cheapest loan. Calculate what amount you need and what amount you can spare each month to repay the loan. On the basis of this information, it is possible to quickly request and compare different offers. The personal loan is also an option if you want to make a purchase that does not fit within another loan formula. Do keep in mind that the costs are higher with this loan, which makes your purchase more expensive.

Where do you take out a personal loan?

Both banks and loan offices have a personal loan in their portfolio. However, the JPY, the conditions and the speed with which it can be concluded can vary greatly per provider. Most banks and loan offices will want to see proof of income as there are no goods in front of the loan that can be claimed in case of problems. In addition, it is recommended to also have proof of identity available when you apply for the loan, as well as an overview of your monthly fixed costs. Here you can already request various loan quotes to get an idea of ​​the options that you have and the costs that come with it.