The start-up loan one is a loan specially aimed at start-up companies and individuals who want to establish themselves as a self-employed person. In many cases they have limited access to professional credit. The starter loan has been created for this. offers you a simulation of your start-up loan with detailed information about your options.

Start-up loan for companies

The start-up loan is aimed at start-ups and to encourage job seekers to start up an independent activity. The purpose of the start-up loan is to support these new entrepreneurs at the start of their new initiative. In addition to a start-up loan, guidance is also offered to increase the success rate of the start-up company. The starters loan is an initiative of the Participation Fund. They are supported by the Federal Public Service Employment, Labor and Social Dialogue.

The simulation of a start-up loan

The term and amount of the start-up loan depends on the type of business you are starting. The necessary equipment that you need to start the business also affects the amount of the start-up loan. A start-up loan is not there to cover all the costs that come with starting the company. You will also have to invest capital yourself or use another credit for this. You will get an overview of this by means of the simulation of your start-up loan. In the simulation you indicate how much credit you consider necessary to start your business. In addition, you indicate the term and an interest rate. Based on this information, the calculator will give you an amount for the monthly payment.

Business plan

To apply for a start-up loan, you will need to be able to submit a business plan with the financial institution that provides the start-up loan. This must show, among other things, what your activities entail exactly and how much you think you need to be able to start. In short, it is examined whether and when your company is viable.

Starter loan for everyone

In principle, any starting entrepreneur can apply for a start-up loan. It is important to know that there are two different types of start-up loans. There is, for example, the aforementioned start-up loan from the Participation Fund. You can also contact a bank. The bank's start-up loan will generally be slightly more commercial, which may affect the costs you pay monthly. However, both start-up loans have been created to help the starting entrepreneur get started with the company.