You can easily calculate a simulation of your home loan at You will receive a clear overview of the amount of your maximum mortgage . Based on this information, you can adjust expectations up or down when you are looking for a suitable home loan .

Customized housing loan

You can apply for a home loan for various purposes. For example if you want to renovate your current home or if you want to buy a new home. This often involves high amounts and a home loan offers a solution. You can make a simulation in order to gain insight into the amount of your maximum mortgage in advance. When you enter your current income, it is calculated how much you can pay per month to repay the home loan.

Different shapes

There are various forms of housing loan. So there is always a solution that is suitable for your current situation. For example, there is a so-called starter mortgage especially for starters, where you pay less in the beginning. The closer you get to the end of the term, the more you will pay in order to have repaid the entire home loan. There is also a so-called discount mortgage. With this form, you pay more at the start of the term of the home loan and the monthly costs become increasingly lower. The classic home loan is also still offered, where you pay the same amount from the beginning to the end of the term. Your monthly charges will then be the same for the entire term. These shapes are geared towards different target groups so that there is always a shape that perfectly suits your situation. In this way you take out a personal home loan.

After the simulation

After you have made the simulation of your home loan, you can make an appointment with the mortgage lender. Together with the specialist you continue where the simulation left off. Because a home loan is personally adjusted to your situation, this cannot be summarized in a simulation. The simulation must therefore be seen as a first insight into the possibilities. There are also some variables that can be adjusted within the various housing loan types. Examples of this are the contribution of a starting capital or opting for a fixed or variable interest rate.

At the end of the process, you will know exactly where you stand, how high your maximum mortgage is, how much you have to pay per month and how much you pay off. This way you will not be faced with any surprises afterwards and you know exactly what to expect from the mortgage provider.