Applying for a loan in Belgium can be done for various purposes and also at different financial institutions. Every credit and every institution has its own regulations. Each financial institution also applies its own rates for repaying loans. You can easily make a simulation for your loan via the website of This allows you to better inform yourself about your options in advance.

Apply for credit

Belgium has different types of loans that all serve different purposes. For example, there is the home loan to provide you with credit for the purchase of your home. The starters loan has been created for starting entrepreneurs and if you need extra money, for example due to an unexpected high expenditure, you can take out a mini loan. Different regulations have been drawn up for each of these loans and the rates for repayment are also different. You can often use a calculator online that gives you insight into the options for applying for a credit. In addition, requirements can sometimes be set before the credit is provided. This happens, for example, with a green loan . With this loan, there is the requirement that the investment you want to make with it has an ecological background.

Credit simulation

To get a first insight into the options you have for applying for credit, you can make a credit simulation. For almost any credit that you can simulate with this, you are the first to determine the amount of the loan. Then enter your details, such as your taxable income and, if relevant, your partner's income. Then you indicate whether you have additional monthly costs, for example paying partner alimony. Finally, you indicate a term. This length of the term also depends on the type of credit you are applying for. For a home loan , this is usually fixed around 30 years, for a starter loan you get the choice of a term between 6 and 120 months. A mini loan can usually only be taken out for a maximum term of 30 days before the credit must be repaid.

Borrow money without a bank or income

If you have no income or because you do not want to borrow from a bank, there are also a number of options available to you in Belgium. However, you then go outside the regular process and you have to rely on private individuals or other institutions that want to provide temporary money. This process often involves relatively higher costs and collateral can be requested.